Keith Martin

Publisher, Sports Car Market

“I have known Miles and Malcolm since their auction days with Christie’s International. Given the many operators in the collector car hobby, I am genuinely able to say that Miles and Malcolm are incredibly knowledgeable and conduct their business at the highest level. They are a first-class act.”

Gary Schaevitz

Private Collector

“I have had the good fortune to know Miles and Malcolm for over 20 years and have both purchased and sold numerous investment automobiles from them. I have found their knowledge and integrity to be of the very highest level. I have never been disappointed in their performance and have used them as a source many times when making a decision on a purchase, even when they are not involved or benefitting from the transaction.”

Bob Owens

(retired) ex-President and CEO Sunoco, Inc.

“It is my pleasure to recommend Morris and Welford without the slightest reservation. I’ve worked with both Miles and Malcolm for well over a decade on a number of different vehicles. They have assisted me in purchasing vehicles, selling vehicles, and have also provided helpful consultation as I considered prospective purchases. In each case, their knowledge of the vehicles -- despite my changing tastes or interest in types of vehicles-- and market trends, marque specific or in general, was extremely helpful. Of far greater importance to me though, I found their honesty and integrity to be above reproach. They are, in all respects, a credit to the industry, and a pleasure to do business with.”

Prince Rahim Aga Khan

“A truly great pleasure to know and to work with Malcolm. While we have only done one car deal together so far, it was the safest-feeling, most enjoyable, and most stress-free deal I've ever done. And for good reason: Malcolm is eminently knowledgeable, completely trustworthy and honest, and best of all, he really cares that old cars find buyers that will care for them, love them, and preserve them. He is a rare person indeed, and particularly in the car trade, treating his friends and his cars in a way that only someone genuine, and someone genuinely thinking long-term, could do."

Fred Simeone

Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum

"I have known Miles Morris since the beginning of my collecting interests.

He served as a friend, advisor, broker, and even wrote a superb chapter in one of my books. I considered him an expert on detailed automotive subjects worthy of publication.

We share the fact that our fathers were car people and this clearly comes out in his interactions with other collector/historians. The automobile to him is not a commodity, but object of passion, and reminiscences of his previous experiences with individual cars, driving and fettling them, and recognizing the magnificence of such gems as D-type Jaguars and other great European makes before the rest of the world caught up. With this background he was able to contact serious motorheads who in turn entrusted him with their treasures. On both hands of a negotiation, either as a buyer or broker, he has proven to be meticulously honest, totally devoted to his client, and above all generous with his expertise.

Our relationship has been most productive based on his well-earned trust.”

Elad Shraga

CIO Signal Capital, Founder Holy Land Tour 1000

"MM’s affable approach coupled with decades long experience and depth of industry contacts have made them my first call, in the past 15 years, on any collector car deal”